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Become A Campus Ambassador

Bring Us To Your School

Be an official CampusCoin Ambassador by promoting CampusCoin at your local school.

Earn rewards daily for encouraging students to sign up for our CampusCoin app. Receive a huge bonus if your school starts accepting CampusCoin at their school bookstores/dining halls. Rewards for local bars and restaurants accepting CampusCoin also available.


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Recruit Members to Discord

  • Recruit members to Discord, receive rewards based on Ambassador Level (See Below). Must fill out google doc. This bounty will occur until the release of the app.
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Recruit Members to App

Once the app is released, recruit members to app. Reward TBD based on price of CMPCO near release of the app. (Likely $1-$2 per person as incentive to join)

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Get CampusCoin to a Local Business

Get a local business to start using CampusCoin, earn a huge reward, TBD at time of successful recruitment of company. (~$1k-$5k depending on size/location/type of business, paid in CMPCO or USD)

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Get CampusCoin to your School

Get your school to start accepting CampusCoin, even bigger reward, (~$5k-$30k depending on size/location of school)

Campus Ambassador Rewards Levels

(Note: these rewards are an early representation of the ambassador program and are subject to change in the future.)

Level 1: Novice Ambassador
0-19 Recruits Discord & App

  • 100 CMPCO/Discord
  • $1 in CMPCO/App. At 10 recruits in Discord
  • Receive personal channel for your school.

Level 2: Rookie Ambassador
20-49 Recruits in Discord & App

  • 125 CMPCO/Discord
  • $1.25 in CMPCO/App
  • Free CampusCoin T-Shirt

Level 3: Intermediate Ambassador
50-99 Recruits in Discord & App

  • 150 CMPCO/Discord
  • $1.50 in CMPCO/App
  • Free CampusCoin Sweatshirt

Level 4: Expert Ambassador
100-199 Recruits or 1 Business

  • 175 CMPCO/Discord
  • $1.75 in CMPCO/App
  • Free Shipment of CampusCoin Apparel to Give to Others(shirts, pens, koozies)

Level 5: Elite Ambassador
200-499 Recruits or 2 Businesses

  • 200 CMPCO/Discord
  • $2 in CMPCO/App
  • Full Clothing Store Package (t-shirts, hat, sweatshirt, sweatpants/yoga pants, etc.)

Level 6: Legendary Ambassador
500+ Recruits, 3 Local Businesses
Acceptance From School

  • 250 CMPCO/Discord
  • $2.50 in CMPCO/App
  • CampusCoin Sponsored Party at Your School, Other Rewards TBD

Ambassador of the Month Rewards

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Given to #1 Ambassador of the Month determined by CampusCoin Team (Most recruits or local business/school acceptance)

  • Description on CampusCoin Website with their picture
  • Campus Ambassador of the Month Apparel Bundle

Interested in Being a Campus Ambassador?

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Ambassador of the Month

Our inaugural Campus Coin Ambassador of the month will be named December, 2017. There’s still time, register today!

School Already Listed?

Contact our team and we will put you in contact with the ambassador from your school to help you start cashing in on the same bonuses as them.

Campus Ambassador Registration

If accepted, expect a reply with further details on how to start earning your rewards.

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