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The College Cryptocurrency

CampusCoin offers benefits that are not obtainable using fiat currencies

For Students

Have the ability to carry out instant transactions via mobile device. Have a safe and secure location to keep their funds. Access to a reward based Campus Ambassador Program

For Schools

Ability to compile campus transaction data. Unique key identification system for school wallets. Receive instant transactions. Access to school specific sub-ledger.

For Retail Stores

Ability to decrease handling time per customer. Instant transactions reduce business expenditures. Easy compiling of transaction data for future development.

For Parents

Secure and simple college fund for your future student. Send your student funds instantly no matter where they are. Perfect gift for any occasion.

Our Mission

Amidst the transition to a digital era, the CampusCoin Project team is taking the forefront in crypto-education. Our goal is to show the world that cryptography is not something to fear, but something that has potential to revolutionize the financial world.

The CampusCoin Project, through the power of the blockchain, will simplify campus transactions while educating the community about the revolutionary science that is cryptography.

Coin Specifications

Basic Info

  • Coin Name: CampusCoin
  • Ticker Symbol: CMPCO
  • Max Supply: 1,010,000,000 CMPCO
  • Total Premine: 200,000,000 (See Premine Strategy¬†Here)
  • Proof: Proof-of-Work(PoW)
  • Average Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Block Reward: 500 CMPCO (Starting Block 210,000)
  • Block Halving Rate: 600,000 Blocks
  • Mining Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Block Maturation Time: 80 Blocks
  • Genesis Block Date: July 6, 2017, 16:30 EST